The Best part of’s NBA Playoff Promo

I am not a fan of’s music. But his promo for the NBA playoffs is amazing for one reason and one reason only. Stop the video at 0:52.

It’s at that moment Joakim Noah just became the most marketable player in the NBA.

Sometimes they say “love at first sight,” but just as equally remarkable is that Joakim Noah just showed his true talents as a human being in less than 2 seconds.

That’s what I call “talent at first sight.”

You know in less than 2 seconds that Joakim Noah has that talent that is so special, so unique and it just hits you instantly. There is no mistaken the amount of talent that he has.

Joakim Noah has so much “talent at first sight” that the actual talent is not even describable. Honestly, what do you even call this?

All I know is the director must have been like, “Okay Joakim! Show us your best move now!”


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