Anna Karina: Le Petit Soldat

Anna Karina is a early 1960s version of Audrey Tatutou. There’s something captivating about the picture above. Karina is caught in a thoughtless trance that she can’t get out of.[1]

Also, Anna Karina’s is one of those special girls who could pull off the quintessential yet unconventional wardrobe and make it appealing. Just look at the what she wore on a day-to-day basis.

Anna Karina wardrobe

Thanks to the Dames Mercury blog for the wardrobe find.

She had a closet full of trench coats, wool sweaters, strapping belts, pleated skirts and lacey dresses with the Audrey Hepburn style sunglasses. Also, a phone.

Karina is also gorgeous in the movies Pierrot le fou and Vivre sa vie.

Photo: Taken from the film “Le Petit Soldat,” a.k.a. “The Little Soldier.”

[1] It was either The Princess Bride or this: I hate U2.


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