The 9 Days of Korea: Day 5

5. Jeonju BiBimBap

Korean BiBimBap

From left to right: spoon, chopsticks, bibimbap, kimchi, miso soup and leaves.

My birth family is originally from Jeonju, an area in Korea where the bibimbap (비빔밥) is the best in all the land. #humblebrag

Bibimpap is one of the most popular dishes in Korean cuisine and also one of the most delicious. It is my brother’s (American brother) favorite dish and contains warm white rice, sautéed seasoned vegetables, a raw or fried egg, slices of beef and chili sauce all mixed together. More often then not, when with a raw egg, the bibimbap will arrive in a hot stone bowl (dolsot bibimbap, 돌솥 비빔밥) which you can then mix and cook the egg right in the bowl.

Also, don’t grab the bowl with 2 hands.

When you fly Korean Air, they serve bibimbap as an option for a meal and though it may sound bad as an airplane food; it is actually really scrum-dittily-umptous. [1]

I plan on eating about 48 of these on the trip so I have to get started somewhere.[2]

The name is also cool to say and don’t listen to the haters who have never heard about it. They will make fun of the phonetic sound but they didn’t grow up on the streets like we did.

[1] Seriously watch the commercial and you’ll see why Korean Air and the Asiana Air are the best airlines to fly to the east side or internationally at all. Check the online reviews!



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