The 9 Days Of Korea: Day 6

6. Korean Spa

Korean Spa

Stones, water, wind, fire, water, bubbles, oil, mud and a locker. Put these all in a building in Korea and you have a spa. The only spa I’ve ever been to is a 14 1/2 hour flight away so I don’t have anything else to compare it to, so I’m about 100% sure the below is 60% accurate.

After just one trip to the spa, I understand 2 things a) why spas are so expensive and b) why so many people pay so much money to go to the spa.

Inside the spa was an indoor pool with massaging jets and a juice bar. I am not sure if this was a “classy” establishment by Korean standards, but it seemed classy to me and definitely a place I would headquarter my Asian mafia bike-riding gang.

After swimming for a bit, we all moved on to a hot stone massage complete with a mud-mask that contained minerals and other Asian hoodoo voodoo that helped promote relaxation and stress relief.

Water then rained down from the ceiling above which acted as a shower for the entire room. The mud from our faces slowly melted off and streamed into a drain that I know ultimately must have led to where they kept the kids for daycare. I don’t have any proof, but that’s where I would’ve put the drain.

The next room we entered looked straight out of Willy Wonka. Tiny jets began to fill the room with bubbles in a soapy paradise which was amazing and fun, up until I decided to rub my eyes with a handful of soap bubbles.

By the time the burning sensation stopped and my eyes were bloodshot red, we were all sitting in a room with a giant fan in the middle. An automatic door sealed tight as the last of us fitted together in a circle around the fan. The giant fan started up and suddenly from every which way, warm air was hitting my body in the most relaxing tornado I had ever been in.

To put the cherry on top of the sundae, there were also jacuzzis on the rooftop of the spa with a view of the surrounding mountains and aroma therapy baths with pretty girls that were also part of the group with us enjoying the spa.

Our spa experience lasted the entire afternoon and between seeing my niece and nephew laughing and playing in the water, and the relaxation and soothing calmness each room brought, it was definitely worth it (about $40 a person). So much win in just one afternoon.


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