The 9 Days of Korea: Day 8

8. Korean Women

IU (이지은)

Pictured: Lee Ji-eun better known as IU (아이유). Her stage name is derived from the phrase “I and You”, symbolizing that we can become one through music…oooh golly, I certainly hope so! Also, whoever did her makeup – #bravo.

For the longest time, I would never even think about talking to an Asian girl, let alone date one; however, after life-altering experiences, I’ve changed my ways and am now open to pure-blood dating. I finally understand what Draco Malfoy was talking about.

Korean women are very cute and have a good sense of style and love to shop. They take care off their skin and have a steady ph balance for smooth silky shiny velvety hair. How did I go so long ignoring the 2 main qualities that mean so much to a pure and honest relationship?

I was so blind. So so blind.

In downtown Seoul, women would stand underneath a building or rooftop if they ever were caught in the rain without an umbrella, specifically so their purses would not get wet.[1]

When Koreans get married, the bride is given a $10,000 purse. That’s like walking with a car hanging from your wrist.

It may not always be a purse, but the bride always gets an expensive gift from the other family and it always has an incredibly high value. If it weren’t for being a man and also not wanting to be a terrible human being, I would get married 4000 times.


The Korean women on the cover picture are part of a K-Pop group called, “Girls Generation.” There’s one girl with a haircut that does not fit her[2] but besides that, those legs could stop traffic.

I know I’ve exposed the world to so much culture in these last two blog posts that basically anyone who has read them probably already thinks they are Korean…

[1] This wasn’t just one or two people doing it. Literally, every other girl had a purse and was standing and sheltering their purse from the rain. The other’s had umbrellas.

[2] You know exactly who I am talking about, her shoes don’t match the others either.



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