The 9 Days of Korea: Day 7

7. Smoked Duck

Korean Smoke Ducked

“Thank you very much, Mr. Ducksworth! Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack, Mr. Ducksworth!”

The first meal I ate with my birth family was smoked duck. I had never eaten duck before but I it was the best duck I have ever tasted.

It was succulent, tender and melted in my mouth like a warm Milkyway bar sent from the heavens above. The taste was sweet and smokey and if it weren’t for the whole “meeting your birth family for the first time” thing, I would’ve disregarded table manners entirely and eaten as much as I could until my innie belly button turn into an outie belly button.

What made it even better was wrapping the duck in lettuce leaves and mixing other Korean side dishes. It was like playing a game for the first time while all your closest friends are watching you; I mixed and match the different types of duck[1] with different types of vegetables all the while trying not to look like a rookie with chop sticks for the first time.

I think they saw my potential and innate ability; however, if I ever was going to be a chop stick superstar I was going to have to hit the gym. I can’t even chop stick with my left-hand yet.

Somehow smoked duck fell to number 7 in an upset for the ages. It did; however beat the allure of Korean Girls and Korean Music.

[1] Different plates like the above held sliced portions of spicy, sweet, and crispy duck and  oooh God beer me strength to not gain 50 pounds on this trip.


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