The 9 Days of Korea: Day 9

Anyong Haseyo

In just 9 days I’ll be traveling to South Korea. My moms and I will spend about 8 days in Jeonju with my birth family and do the Asian thing for a bit. Needless to say I’m really looking forward to it and in honor of all my excitement, I will count down 9 things that I like about Korea. Almost a like blogging-advent calendar counting down to my pilgrimage back to the far east south-side.

9. Korean Music!

So maybe I have no idea what is truly being said in K-Pop music; every single song is definitely about “love” (listen for ‘sa-rang-hae’) but after that I have no idea about any of the specifics.[1]

I do know; however, that my thoughts on K-Pop have turned from being a bunch of weird songs that I’d at laugh at, to a point where now I actually enjoy and follow some K-Pop artists. Oh God beer me strength. The reason I kept my listening is because it helped me with the speaking-side of learning the Korean language.

K-Pop is very similar to the way Miley Cyrus’, “Party in the U.S.A.” makes you feel. You hate it for so long, but eventually after 3 years, it’s been overplayed so much that you enjoy it because it’s so obnoxiously easy to sing-a-long to and the lyrics are easy to learn.

Moving on…

The above (and the cover picture as well) are a K-Pop group called A*Pink. My favorite member is Park Cho-Rong (박초롱) followed in a close second by Kim Namjoo. Do you know which one is which!?[2]

The song is called “Bubibu” and I think it’s a phrase or something about kissing or nudging faces, I really don’t know. I asked my birth sister about it but she just laughed at me, so I’m pretty sure it’s not appropriate. Either way, I like A*Pink because like Miley Cyrus, their songs are easy to learn and sing-a-long to. And just like Miley Cyrus, I’m sure 80% of the world’s population hates them. 😦

Below are some of my other “favorite” K-Pop artists and songs I enjoy.

Artist: Taeyang – Song: Wedding DressEnglish Version – a song that is as catchy in Korean as it is in English. The song is about this Korean-Usher-like dude who wears a mohawk and dances twice as well. And yet, he seemingly loses the girl he loves to some other Korean guy that looks like he works at a Barnes & Noble. To make it worse, Korean-Usher had a chance to propose in the most romantic hallway ever, to the girl of his dreams, but Barnes & Noble-Korean guy comes in and proposes ahead of him and blocks Korean-Usher from performing his finishing move.

And even worse then that! – the Korean-Usher guy has to play piano at their wedding! Talk about the world’s saddest Wonder Years moment. #TheFeels #TheFeels 😦

Artist: Juniel – Song: Illa Illa – Juniel might be the Korean version of Taylor Swift. Apparently ‘Illa Illa’ is a type of flower that grows between cement cracks… somehow, somewhere this leads back to love and such. I don’t know.

Artist: Big Bang – Song: BlueEnglish Version – Another catchy but sad K-Pop song. Taeyang is a member of a 4 person K-Pop group called, “Big Bang.” Haha

Basically throw in an alto, soprano and bass singer together with Taeyang (a.ka. Korean-Usher) and its like Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Anyway, having nothing else to do with Captain Planet, the song is about a guy and a girl coming to an end in the relationship and feeling so helpless because they cannot save it. The guy is now so sad that he is blue. All he feels is blue. All he sees is blue. Captain Planet has blue skin.

So there is another connection to Captain Planet…

It all comes full circle.

If you read this far, thanks, and I’m sorry. Please be sure to check my blog tomorrow for the number 8 thing I like about Korea.

[1] And in a blazing start, the first thing I like about Korea, I literally know nothing about. Ladies and gentlemen, the best blog on WordPress.

[2] Yeah, I didn’t either for about 3 months.



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