STB Kitchen 3: New Socks, New Kitchen

This is the third of many posts in a series called, “STB Kitchen.” The name is straightforward and each kitchen is chosen on the criteria of whether or not I’d want to cook some bacon in it. Below are my thoughts, with my only interior decorating experience being a short summer stint working at the Pottery Barn. Qualifications are overrated, all you need is Pottery Barn and a blog post. 

Hi-Rise Kitchen

Why so much sizzled bacon could be cooked here: The first big pluses are the hardwood floors. Dust-free hardwood floors combined with a fresh pair of new socks; one could slide and glide all day while cooking delicious treats. Even better than that, the whole skyline could watch you do it. #datview

I personally like my counter tops to exactly how I like my Sesame Street episodes, straight and in rectangles.

“L”-shaped and counter-islands are acceptable as well; however though the above counter top above doesn’t apply to my normal standards of an ideal kitchen, the counter top shape is awesome and fits in with the overall design and flow with the kitchen’s layout.

Color-wise, I love the slight contrast of the darker wood and the steal cabinets with the white marble counter top. The designer was creative in using the unusual space and the kitchen overall has great flow. Hi-rise modern kitchen #ftw.

Two other little, but solid elements:

  1. Wine cooler go go go go.
  2. In-ceiling sky lighting!

Why I’d never sizzle my bacon here: Just 2 reasons the cost of Windex and the inability to cook in the nude. I don’t cook in the nude but I like kitchens that provide lots of options, not those that limit them. I don’t really have any real critiques and it seems if you could afford a place like that, you’re probably not having to worry about keeping the windows clean or the cost of Windex.

Two other little, but not-solid elements:

  1. Too much ambient light for star gazing; telescope is definitely for creeping on people.
  2. Where do I sit to eat? 😦

Bottom line: This kitchen is fancy. And after just 3 STB Kitchens post, this kitchen takes the cake thus far as my favorite kitchen. Ladies and gentleman please give me a hand for the high quality of writing and kitchen analysis going on here.


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