NBA: Shoegate – Marc Gasol

There’s so many amazing things that happen in this video that make me so happy. Let’s take it step-by-step.

1. First the post-up move and basket: the man is a 7 foot 1 inch tall, 265-pound goliath of a monster, yet look how nimble and skilled he is in the post. Efficient footsteps and a devastating “push-shot.” Marc Gasol is a big ol’ goofy premier NBA center.

2. This is where it gets really good – on the ensuing possession back, while jogging backwards, Derrick Favors accidentally gives a full-out version of a flat tire to Marc Gasol and he loses his shoe.

3. Marc Gasol then complains down the court asking the referee for a foul on an incident completely accidental in which Favors had no idea he was even stepping on Marc Gasol’s heel who is now Shoeless Marc.

4. Ed Davis, in perhaps his greatest highlight in his young career, performs one of the most underrated acts this season by a Memphis player. Davis goes out of his way to pick up Marc’s shoe and give it back setting up for a domino reaction of good times for all.[1]

5. Now on offense, Derrick Favors gets the ball on the left block and attacks baseline around shoeless Marc.

6. Shoeless Marc, still angry about being shoeless, decides to do what any other defender would do in their last act of desperation, he uses his shoe to foul and knock the ball out of Favors hand.

7. Yes, Yes, Yes.

[1] I know Davis is a rookie and rookies go out of their way to help the veteran players. And I also know he’s quietly developing as a solid rotation player, but if it were not for this single act, the rest of the play would not have happened, thus this is going to live on as the most underrated play of Ed Davis’ career.


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