“The Melody of the Night” by Leonid Afremov

Oil Painting by Leonid Afremov

“The Melody of the Night” by Leonid Afremov

This is one of my favorite modern oil paintings.[1]

The painting is by artist Leonid Afremov and from what I can gather from his other work, his style is very recognizable. I love the colors and paint strokes and especially how the ambiance of the night seems to be captured. Afremov’s paintings are inspired by personal experiences and emotions. The genuine “melody” of the perfect evening can be felt in the painting above.

In his own words:

Paris. Paris. Paris. This is a city of lovers. City of romantics. I am sure you have seen this arc (top right) many times. It reminds me about our life. The triumphal arc has been a witness of different times, has seen different kings and citizens, of people who lived and still are living in Paris. Through the arc thousands of cars, lives and people are flowing day-by-day. After days, follow nights. So many things are changing around it, but the arc is still the same. I will come back to this arc soon to fall in love again with, my beloved wife Inna. I will take her hand in mine and we will be standing and keeping silence for a while to feel how the life is flowing around us and to smile by the arc together.

This is just so, so, good. To be able to transport feelings and thoughts to oil and canvas… such a good way to trick a girl into liking you. Well done, Afremov.

[1] My favorite oil painting is Almond Blossoms.


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